Year of Establishment: 2013

Presently Functioning in: India & U.A.E

Nature of Business:大宝娱乐网二维码网址
Providing a complete internet solution to SME's and Corporates for quickly building their brand worldwide, increase awareness and generate business leads at an affordable price. Our solution includes right from creating an online presence, to promoting in search engines, promoting in our own business portals, promoting in social medias & providing payment gateways / ecommerce platform

Mentioned below are our 5 Business Portals (Online Market Place)

www. (Manufacturers & Exporters) (Service Industry) (Travel Agents, Tour Operators & Travel Industry) (Real Estate Agents, Builders & Developers) (Placement Consultants)

The Business of is to sell online space, which allows its members to market & advertise their products and services effectively in our web portal and in search engines / social media, thereby helping them to generate business inquires and business leads

Each member in our top Management posses more than a decade experience in Advertising Industry, Print Media and B2B industry
We understand the technique of creating Web Platforms which can attract both buyers & sellers
We understand Search Engine Optimization Techniques (Our Expertise is just not promoting the sellers products & services in Search Engine, but we also understand the techniques what makes the buyer contact the seller, and what are the essential details a buyer looks for in a website to enter into a business deal with the seller / service provider
We possess skill & ideas to further introduce new features and tools to our Web Platform thereby providing better user experience, providing more choices to buyers and making it more easier & user friendly for our buyers and sellers to access and operate
We have already designed a very effective web portal for our members, but with passing time we posses the skill to make it even better

To function sales in all major cities across the world

To ensure 100% accurate, exhaustive, complete and authentic information in all our web portals. So that it helps the users to get the right information and in turn will increase the loyalty of the user in our online market place
Why our Vision will remain intact even if the market Changes Dramatically: We firmly believe that we are  because it speaks to what you represent, not just what you do.

We need money, but trust us money is not something which we are looking for, this job for our management team is a
Matter of pride
To give to the industry the benefits of quality what we deserve and when we will see that the Business fraternity is gaining benefit from our expertise that will give us a sense of achievement
To prove a point that quality can be delivered even at cost effective prices
Our entire Management team is a group of young professionals for us winning is important.

We have segregated our work in various departments
Startegizing, Planning, Idea generation & Logic Plan
Quality Check
Branding,Promotion, Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Website Designing
Customer Care

Our Management team has been exposed to various organizational cultures, so in order to be efficient for our business, to be good for our product and to be fair for our clients, we have adopted an Anti – Authority Leadership Culture.
In our organization it’s important for each leader to justify their move to the rest of the team

We believe in being honest & truthful with all our internal and external customers. We are a high trust environment organization where we firmly believe in honoring our commitments, true teamwork, and an open interchange of feedbacks & ideas.
Our entire communication with our clients will be in writing and we ensure each and every service is delivered to the client on time & in a qualitative manner

We understand this language very well and we put all our intelligence, technology, Quality check & efforts to ensure the client gets enough returns on his investments.
For us winning the trust of our customer matters! Customer Satisfaction Matters!
We believe in doing on priority "What is right for the Customer".
We believe in doing on priority “What is best for the Customer”

We believe in results and as a company we don’t have failure as an option. We know our goals and we have a structured formula to achieve it.
We don’t feel shy is saying that we firmly believe in profits right from day one. We don’t evaluate our business based on number of clicks or number of visits or number of users who took action in our website, even though all that is important.
But our profit measurement is sticking back to basics. What are we selling? How much revenue we will generate? What costs we will incur? And How much profit we will make?

We have strived hard to come out with a cost effective advertising solution for all the Manufacturers, including the entire SSI Units / SME segment / EXIM Community & B2B Fraternity. And we really feel proud in successfully launching the same

We have the passion & skill to make and remake our business portals better than the best. We have faith in our efforts, our deliverables, our technology, our hardwork, no doubts with every passing year we will grow and along with us we will make the entire Business community grow.
We are working from the customers point of view We want our customers business to become brighter for the investment they will make by advertising with us, if our customers shine undoubtedly we will shine.
Going forward, technologically we have planned various features which our customers and buyers are looking for, but we still are market centric people and will be open for all new ideas which our clients and customers would like to share in order to make the best place to seek information & trade

Currently the speed in which we are progressing, every month you visit our site and you will find the look and feel of the site is better, you will find new features in the site, more number of members in the site. We continue to keep our think tank on for as long as possible, because we know we develop on technology it will benefit our customer

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